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Seriously Serious About The Law

Representation From Successful Civil Litigation Lawyers

When a civil dispute becomes too heated, it can take legal action to resolve the matter in a calm and effective manner. Whether you are a business or individual facing civil litigation, you deserve a Michigan attorney who can represent you to pursue the ideal outcome in your case.

At Eardley Law, we have decades of experience in civil litigation, and we are ready to turn that knowledge and skill to your advantage through your litigation needs. Our meticulous attention to detail paired with our dedication to our clients has helped build us build our reputation for success in these cases.

Handling Complex Litigation Cases

We are committed to helping clients throughout the Grand Rapids area through their most challenging litigation cases, which is why we only take the most difficult matters such as:

  • High-asset divorces
  • Failed business dealings
  • Breach of contract
  • Fraud
  • Business partnership break-ups
  • Business dissolutions
  • Land use and development disputes

Resolve Your Dispute On Your Terms

If you are facing a civil dispute or think you will be soon, make sure you defend your best interests with the help of a skilled attorney. Call our office at 616-747-5095 or email us here to meet with a legal team that is as committed to your needs as you are. Now is the best time to reach out to a lawyer if you need one, so act today.