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Defending Your Rights As An Employee

No one expects to have a job where their employer or colleague would violate their employee rights, but it is far too common of an occurrence. Unfortunately, when these violations happen, many employees assume that there is nothing they can do to seek justice against those who wronged them. The truth is you have the right to defend yourself against a rights violation, and an experienced legal firm can help you secure the results you deserve.

At Eardley Law, we have been representing employees throughout the Grand Rapids area for decades. Many of our clients in these cases have already been terminated or ended their employment voluntarily, but a good portion of our cases are from those who are proactively intervening against illegal actions. Our goal as your legal representation is to make things right after your workplace event, no matter how challenging they may seem.

Did You Experience A Violation Of Your Rights?

While it is not a case of an employee rights violation if your boss or colleague does not get along with you, we can review your unique situation to determine if you did experience grounds for a claim, such as:

  • Types of discrimination against parties like age, sexual orientation, disability, parental status, religion, nation of origin, pregnancy, race or sex
  • Sexual harassment, including unwanted touching, persistent harassment, lewd conduct and quid pro quo
  • Retaliation for acts like reporting OSHA or other workplace violations, taking the form of denying promotions, cutting hours or pay, termination or altering work schedules to inconvenient times.

We have taken these cases to both state and federal courts, whatever it takes to earn a more favorable ruling for our clients. In some instances, deadlines for your case are short, and we will act fast to resolve your legal needs without sacrificing the quality of the outcome in the process.

Let Our Firm Act On Your Behalf

Without the help of a skilled attorney, you assume the risk of missing out on the outcome you deserve against those who have wronged you. If you believe you have experienced a violation of your employee rights, contact us today to determine what we can do to protect you. Call us at 616-747-5095 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.