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Pursuing A Legal Malpractice Claim

When your lawyer fails to meet the standard of representation they should provide you, it can have disastrous effects on your case. If your attorney engaged in legal malpractice, it is time you get in touch with a new lawyer to hold them accountable for their actions.

At Eardley Law, we are not afraid to sue other attorneys who are not able to meet the duty of care we need to offer our clients. We use our decades of experience to prove an attorney’s negligence and secure the outcome you deserve in your case.

When Does A Case Experience Malpractice?

Simply losing your case is not grounds for a legal malpractice claim. There are four elements that need to be present in your case to qualify for legal malpractice, including owed duty of care, breached duty of care, your lawyer’s actions caused damages (like a lost case), proof you suffered financial damages as a result. Common cases of legal malpractice would qualify as:

  • Missing a statute of limitations or another deadline
  • Failing to litigate your case properly
  • Acting without client permission
  • Not interviewing vital witnesses
  • Wrongly applying the law to your case

Our experience has helped clients after their original lawyer failed to pursue viable claims, handled a business buyout without any knowledge or experience, failed to meet essential deadlines, and many other situations where lawyers have failed their clients. Do not make the mistake of listening to a lawyer try and convince you they did not commit malpractice; instead, contact us to have us review your case today.

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